Date, Time and Location

Date:  November 12, 2022

Time:  6:00pm - 11:00pm

Location:  American Royal Palace

                 1915 W Thunderbird Rd

                 Phoenix, AZ 85023 

alien ship.jpg

What to Expect

  • This wedding is a bit unique and will be futuristic themed.  We're requesting all invitees be dressed up in some sort of futuristic apparel.

  • We want everyone to have fun.  Outside of the vows, this wedding will be much like one of Josh and James' parties.  Please come with a party spirit! :D 

  • Drinks are on us!  Have as many or as few as you'd like.  There is a specific drink menu so please adhere to the listed items.

  • Food will be served buffet style before the ceremony.  There is no reception per se so feel free to enjoy the buffet and drinks during the course of the evening.

  • Doors will open at 6pm with the vows/ceremony taking place at 7pm.

  • After the ceremony, the party will continue until 11:00pm! We ask that everyone head out at 11:00pm with the possibility the night may take us elsewhere! 

galaxy drink_edited_edited.jpg
  • Primary Mixed Drinks

    • Solar Flare​ (Sex on the Beach)

    • Shooting Star (Tequila Sunrise)

    • Galactic Ocean (Blue Hawaiian)

  • Beer/Wine

    • Menage a Trois  (Red Blend Wine)

    • Pinot Grigio (White Wine)

    • Blue Moon 

    • IPA Assortment

  • Additional Drinks​

    • Screwdriver​

    • Vodka Cran

    • Margarita

    • Mai Tai

  • Shots​

    • Vodka​

    • Tequila 

    • Rum

    • Fireball

Drink List

Wedding Details



  • Please make sure to RSVP to the event

  • Futuristic costumes are required

  • Only invitees are allowed.  Please message James or Josh for questions regarding +1s.